Maybe we’re biased, but we’ve put together a team of passionate, experienced, and energetic yogis that you are going to LOVE.

Our instructors honor and appreciate all body types, all levels of physical fitness, and all levels of yoga experience. They will help you modify postures if you aren’t quite there yet,  or deepen your postures if you’re ready to take your practice to the next level! 

KPower is a safe, noncompetitive environment ready to empower and inspire every individual who practices within our space.

Kelsey & John – Owners

Kelsey and John are the owners of Anytime Fitness in Sauk Rapids and now Sartell! When making plans to build the Anytime in Sartell, they saw a great opportunity to bring the style of yoga they love…and KPower Yoga was born!

“I had a skewed perception of yoga before I tried it. I thought it was just for the ladies, until I started practicing. Yoga has changed the way I think about strength, physically and mentally”
~John – aka Bro Yogi (trademark pending)


Kelsey, the founder of KPower, is crazy-passionate about yoga and has been practicing for 15 years. Yoga makes Kelsey feel strong and motivated to be a better wife, mom, and business owner. Yoga has become a family event for Kelsey and her hubby, John, regularly practicing mindfulness (and headstands) with their two little kiddos.

200hr Yoga Teacher Certification from Uplifted Yoga and Yoga Sculpt from CorePower Yoga.

MEGHANN – Studio Manager

Of all types of yoga that Meghann has experienced, hot yoga is her jam! The heat, the sweat, the detox, the increased flexibility, the benefits go on and on. For over 5 years, Meghann has been practicing, and now teaching yoga – even including a session of goat yoga, which was the largest class she’s ever taught! Yoga combines the physical movement she craves along with spiritual empowerment and mental focus that she needs. Meghann, her hubby, and their two boys live in Sartell and thrive off of coordinated chaos, fun adventures, and summers at the lake.

200hr Yoga Teacher Certification from CorePower. 300hr Yoga Teacher Certification from Uplifted Yoga.


In the 10 years that Laura has been practicing yoga consistently, yoga has helped her move from anxiety-filled to focused and free. It was at a yoga retreat where she found the power that yoga has to shift your mind and your body. Laura has an incredible hubby, Duane, and two kiddos that they adore.

Certifications: Group Fitness, Pilates Reformer, Wellness Coaching, and Aerial Yoga


Roxie is a passionate yogi for over 10 years, among many other passions. Yoga goes beyond the physical practice and keeps her grounded- teaching her dedication, acceptance and non-judgment on and off the mat. Her love of life and health is contagious.. especially when you learn this little spitfire is a loving grandma (what?!), fitness junkie, and gracious friend and mother.

230hr Yoga Teacher Certification from Yoga Loft. 


Only 2 years ago, Haley made her way to a mat for the first time. She instantly fell in love with yoga and now practices almost every day! Yoga Sculpt is by far her favorite class to take because of the new challenges each class brings to her mental, physical and emotional strength. When it comes to the heat, Haley believes its a necessity to get the best experience for one’s mind and body. She has been teaching yoga sculpt since June of 2019 and loves to bring in high-energy and positivity! Haley is a junior at the College of St. Benedict, majoring in accounting. When she’s not studying or at the studio, she enjoys spending time with her family, her friends, and her fur babies!

Sculpt Yoga Teacher Certification from CorePower Yoga.


Christie has a rich background in being a teacher, from dance to pilates, to yoga, and so much more. She truly embodies the life-long teacher and learner.

She believes that practicing yoga is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves!  (You also show up better for others when you give yourself this gift!) Not only is it great physical exercise to help maintain a balanced healthy body, strong and flexible muscles, it also helps your mindset!  She calls yoga “healing in motion” as it helps dissipate stress, anxiety and calms a busy mind.  Practicing yoga is a “moving meditation!”

She strongly believes BREATH is the medicine for the mind, MOVEMENT is the medicine for the body, and STILLNESS is the medicine for the soul!

Certifications: Yoga,  Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Personal Trainer, and too many more to list here!


Laurie  began practicing yoga over 20 years ago and continues to learn and grow her practice. Yoga has carried  Laurie through 6 pregnancies, a car accident, multiple surgeries, and lots of life changes.  It keeps her connected to a body that has many challenges and quiets the chaos that can live in her head (per Laurie;) Hot yoga is where she feels her best! With 3 grown children and 3 surro-babes, as well as two small grand babies, she enjoys spending her precious little free time with the grand babies or doing her own workouts.

200hr Yoga Teacher Certification with YogaFit. 300hr Yoga Teacher Certification with My Vinyasa Practice. ACE Certified Group & Personal Trainer.


Nicole is a fitness fanatic that is always looking for her next challenge! While her goals may change from tackling an ultramarathon to an Ironman, one thing that has always remained consistent is practicing yoga regularly. With a passion for the outdoors and animals,  she  lives on a small farm with tons of animals including 6 dogs, numerous cats, chickens, geese, ducks, cows, and peacocks. This girl is definitely always on the go from one adventure to the next!

200hr Yoga Teacher Certification from My Vinyasa Practice.


Marnie started practicing yoga 10+ years ago as a compliment to running & weight training, so when she discovered Yoga Sculpt, it was a match made in heaven!  She has yet to find anything comparable to the bliss she feels in Savasana after an intense Yoga Sculpt class and is so grateful for the opportunity to share her passion for physical fitness, yoga & music with others.  When she is not practicing yoga or teaching yoga sculpt, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her husband Rich and their two boys.

Sculpt Yoga Teacher Certification from CorePower Yoga.


Sculpt Yoga Teacher Certification from KPower Yoga.


Lindsey has been practicing yoga for over a decade, but her first hot yoga experience was at KPower Yoga, and she instantly fell in love! Although the Sculpt format is her first love, she craves the challenge of a traditional vinyasa flow and expanding her strength and knowledge in evolving postures.

Lindsey is always seeking a challenging workout…and obviously a good beat. As a former dance choreographer and spin instructor, Lindsey is often looking for a fun new way to move her body and expand her fitness knowledge. So, when presented with the opportunity to receive her Yoga Sculpt certification, it felt like the perfect fit!

When Lindsey is not practicing yoga, you will most likely find her being active and enjoying the outdoors with her husband and their two young boys.

Sculpt Yoga Teacher Certification from KPower Yoga.


Sculpt Yoga Teacher Certification from KPower Yoga.


Brandee found her love for yoga about 5 years ago. She has taught many different styles through the years such as- vinyasa, hot vinyasa, restorative, trauma informed yoga practices, and meditation. If she had to choose a favorite style it would definitely be hot vinyasa for its many benefits. The detox, the quieting of the mind, and the overall sense of accomplishment after finishing a hot class is unlike anything she has experienced before. Also an avid outdoorswoman, If she’s not practicing or teaching yoga, you will most likely find her at a state park enjoying the outdoors. Brandee absolutely loves sharing her passion for yoga and helping others to understand that yoga is truly for everybody!

200hr Yoga Teacher Certification from CorePower Yoga
Trauma Sensitive Yoga Practices from NETA
Restorative Yoga from NETA

Benefits You’ll

Cleanse your body

Burn more calories

Warm up!

Channel more energy

Gain flexibility

Gain strength

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