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What To Expect

We’re so excited to have you join us! KPower Yoga is like an all-out workout for your body, a deep-tissue massage for your mind, and a warm sweaty hug for your soul.

We’ve tried to answer all of your questions below. However, we know we can’t think of everything! So if you have additional questions, please feel free to message us on Facebook, Instagram or just drop in either of the studios. We can’t wait to meet you!


Yoga mat If you already have a yoga mat, great, bring that! If you are on the hunt, hot yoga mats are a little different than regular yoga mats. Look for a mat made with non-slip rubber. If you do not have a non-slip mat, consider getting a microfiber yoga towel.
Yoga towel Trust us – you’re going to sweat in class. A yoga towel to lay on top of your mat will help ensure your feet don’t slip as you move into different postures.
Water bottle Lukewarm water is the best – it doesn’t shock your body like ice-cold water. Fill it up at home or at our water station at the studio.
Intention Yoga is called a practice because it’s never perfect. We’re all a work in progress, but we all work hard. Bring your intention, where you want to dedicate your energy, and we’ll work our butts off (sometimes literally) together.


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809 10th Ave N
Sartell, MN 56377
Next to Anytime Fitness

st. joseph

109 W Ash St
St. Joseph, MN 56374
Same Building as Eating Elevated

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