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You are the main ingredient to our classes. Starting from a powerful yoga base, we have woven in strength training, cardio and even some pilates to our 60 minute classes. Our variety of class styles is intended to serve the whole of YOU. Yoga at KPY will help develop balance, build power and endurance, increase strength, improve flexibility as well as calm the mind. You can expect diversity, community and challenge. And we hope you will feel your very best on as well as beyond your mat.

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KPower Yoga is a local love story… that is, Kelsey fell in love with a Sauk Rapids guy (John.. aka Bro Yogi). When they moved to the area to run a couple fitness clubs and be by family, Kelsey was missing the hot, powerful style of yoga she grew to love in the Twin Cities. As an extension of their Sartell fitness club, they grew KPower Yoga.

Very early in this story, they found another lover of this style of yoga- Meghann. As a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, she had all the talents to move our people. Very quickly we grew to love the community we were creating and decided to grow together as partners and launch a second location in St. Joseph. As co-owners, Kelsey and Meghann are super passionate to bring the endless benefits of yoga and a positive community to our people!