FLORIDA November 15-19, 2023

cultivating contentment in an ambitious world

The pressure to be more, do more, have more is a relentless knock always on our front door. Yet we know that the cultivation of contentment is what leads to deeper happiness and true satisfaction in life. How do we create this balance? What does it look like? What does it feel like? As we travel and retreat in Florida this November these are the questions we will explore, this is what we will hold space for, this is our intention.

If this theme, this idea, this challenge of cultivating contentment in your busy, ambitious life speaks to you come join us for 4 nights and 5 days in the Florida sun. We will practice Yoga, connect with nature, meditate, reflect and create community. We will slow down and establish practices that invite contentment.

Each and every morning at Solstice, your retreat home, you will start your day by waking up to the warm Florida air, sip your coffee or tea, practice Yoga in the open-air studio and reflect on contentment. From our cozy home base, we will day trip and explore beautiful beaches and the inland waters of Punta Gorda, creating the space to reflect and tune into nature. Your evenings will be filled with personal time or meaningful conversation around a cozy outdoor fire with wine or tea.

It is our hope that you use this time away to build inner contentment practices, anchor into deeper life satisfaction and connect with like minded individuals.

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Laura Brand

I love, plan and lead retreats because I firmly believe people need space to step out of their lives, their routine, and the day-to-day grind to find clarity, depth and understanding of themselves and the lives they want to live. It was at a Yoga Retreat over ten years ago that I had a huge shift in the way my body was holding stress, grief and anxiety. That first Yoga retreat led me down the path of deeper awareness, tremendous personal growth and eventually becoming a Yoga instructor and a business owner. Retreats and Yoga are powerful tools! I am super excited to co-lead this retreat where we examine the space between ambition and contentment.

Additionally, in my day-to-day life I teach a bunch of Yoga at KPY, own a wellness business, run around A LOT with a teenager and a preteen, tend to my dog and 4 cats and try and stay connected to my husband of 17 years. I am an unexpected lifer of the Sauk Rapids area but deeply cherish travel and all the ways it can add to one’s life. 

I look forward to retreating with you and helping to create the space where real life shifts can happen!

Kelsey Schultz

I am a busy, ambitious mother of 2 littles and owner of 2 yoga studios. Yoga and travel are how I slow down and find deep appreciation for the amazing gifts in my life, while also seeing how small and humble my life truly is. I find myself pulled onward and upward towards a big ambitious life while also seeking simplicity and contentment.

I have been a student of yoga for 12+ years and have shared this practice as instructor now for 4+ years. I lean towards a challenging practice that creates moving meditation, while developing mental and physical strength. Prior to my ‘career’ in yoga, I worked in Higher Ed, training and leading reflection and discussion… creating spaces of discovery.

I look forward to seeing life with you all at the intersections of yoga, adventure, reflection and human connection!

Q&A from you all!

Q: Are there blow dryers?

A: No. You CAN bring your own if you wish.

Q: How many people will be coming?

A: We are hoping to have a group of 14. We will go with a minimum of 10, but could host up to 18.