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Utah May 1-5, 2024

yoga and hiking in the red rocks

Are you an adventurous soul, looking to step into nature and out of your daily routine? Join us for a retreat into the red rock and deep canyons of Utah. We will balance our days with hiking adventures, restorative yoga and great company. 

During the 5 day and 4 night retreat, we will include 2 larger group hikes and create space for more independent hikes for those that have the endless exploration gene. As a complement to hiking and as a way to ground and unite, we will include multiple opportunities for restorative and vinyasa style yoga. Fill in your free time with more excursions, spa treatments, or just soaking up the beautiful views and amenities at our resort, Red Mountain Resort. 

Hikes will be moderate in difficulty, so all participants should be prepared for their body to be challenged. That being said, there is no required experience in either hiking or yoga… come as you are, rest when you need:)


Meghann Teders

I am a Mom to two very active boys and co-own two hot yoga studios with my work-wifey, Kelsey. To say that my life (both personal and work) is crazy chaotic would be an unstatement, however I wouldn’t want it any other way. I find balance by filling my soul with family, friends and adventuring outdoors whenever possible. Whether it’s a lazy walk in the woods or scaling a mountain rock climbing - there are few adventures that I wouldn’t be up for. 

I am passionate about helping people find balance through movement and wellness for both their physical body and mind. I absolutely love teaching a wide variety of yoga styles and truly believe that yoga is one of the most powerful tools to accomplish this. If you love travel, yoga and adventure – this retreat is for you. I cannot wait to share this experience this with you.

Kelsey Schultz

I am a busy, ambitious mother of 2 littles and owner of 2 yoga studios. Yoga and travel are how I slow down and find deep appreciation for the amazing gifts in my life, while also seeing how small and humble my life truly is. I believe strongly in stepping out of our routines, seeking connections with new people, and continuing to seek new experiences.

I have been a student of yoga for 12+ years and have shared this practice as instructor now for 4+ years. I lean towards a challenging practice that creates moving meditation, while developing mental and physical strength. Prior to my ‘career’ in yoga, I worked in Higher Ed, training and leading reflection and discussion… creating spaces of discovery

I look forward to seeing life with you all at the intersections of yoga, adventure, reflection and human connection!

Q&A from you all!

Q: Are there blow dryers?

A: No. You CAN bring your own if you wish.

Q: How many people will be coming?

A: We are hoping to have a group of 14. We will go with a minimum of 10, but could host up to 18.