What To Expect

We’re so excited to have you join us! KPower Yoga is like an all-out workout for your body, a deep-tissue massage for your mind, and a warm sweaty hug for your soul.

We’ve tried to answer all of your questions below, but if you have additional questions, feel free to message us up on Facebook, Instagram, or drop in the studio.  We can’t wait to meet you!

The Studio

Our studio is a place to escape from your day and release physically and mentally into your mat. It is also a place of community where you will join others seeking to gain energy, build strength and gain confidence in their practice.

When you enter the KPower space, your senses will be awakened by our diffusing oil and welcoming atmosphere. We keep it warm in the studio – 80’s or 90’s to keep you limber (and sweaty).

KPower Yoga shares an entrance with Anytime Fitness. So, you’ll enter through the main entrance to find our smiley yogis and Anytime staff. From there you can access the shared cubbies, private showers and bathrooms, and stations where you can get cool down, clean up, and get ready for your day.

You’ll want to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early, as doors to the studio will lock the moment class starts. Once you find your spot, settle in, and please be quiet out of respect for your fellow yogis as they prepare for their practice.

The Experience

You can leave your expectations of quiet, low-energy yoga classes at the door – this is gunna be fun. We’re going to bump some music and lead you through a workout that will energize you, challenge you, and change you. Check out our class descriptions!

What to Bring

  • Yoga mat – If you already have a yoga mat, great, bring that! If you are on the hunt, hot yoga mats are a little different than regular yoga mats. Look for a mat made with non-slip rubber. If you do not have a non-slip mat, consider getting a microfiber yoga towel.
  • Yoga towel – Trust us – you’re going to sweat in class. A yoga towel to lay on top of your mat will help ensure your feet don’t slip as you move into different postures.
  • Water bottle – Lukewarm water is the best – it doesn’t shock your body like ice-cold water. Fill it up at home or at our water station at the studio.
  • Intention – Yoga is called a practice because it’s never perfect. We’re all a work in progress, but we all work hard. Bring your intention, where you want to dedicate your energy, and we’ll work our butts off (sometimes literally) together.

What to Wear

If you’re looking for permission to go buy some cute new yoga clothes, you have it! But don’t feel like you need special workout clothes – whatever you wear to the gym will do just fine. We’d recommend something lightweight, as you’ll certainly break a sweat!

Since we’ll be in many different postures and positions, we like to practice in clothes that are fitted enough that they’re not going to ride up (or down – hello inversion!).

You’ll see some yogis practice in their sports bra and shorts (because hello heat!), while others opt for leggings and a long-sleeve shirt to maximize that sweat and toxin release. We like to do the “bend-over” test in the mirror to be sure our leggings aren’t see through – some fabrics are just the worst, aren’t they?!

In short, it’s really up to you. Just go with the flow (again, see what we did? We’re hilarious).


A Few Quick Questions

Do I have to be an Anytime Fitness member to join KPower Yoga? No. There are (of course) benefits of seeking membership in both sides.. both physically, but also financially… But, not required!

Can I bring my child? We love that you want to bring your kid to yoga! It can be so transformative physically, mentally, and emotionally. 14-15 year olds can attend class with their parents. 16 year olds and older can attend KPower classes with a signed waiver from their guardian.

Can I do yoga with an injury? Yoga can be really helpful during the healing process, and we teach variations and modifications of almost every posture. However, we have to say it, consult your physician before taking part in any activity with an injury!

Are there showers at the studio? Yes, of course! There are private showers and a changing room where you can change and freshen up after your sweat-sesh.

Benefits You’ll

Cleanse your body

Burn more calories

Warm up!

Channel more energy

Gain flexibility

Gain strength

Ready to try it out?! Join KPower to get your first 2 WEEKS for $39.

The beautiful intersection of mindfulness, strength and endurance.